Monday, December 5, 2011

Updates... Finally!

So I pretty much stink at consistent blogging... but it wasn't all my fault... Really, it wasn't!  :) For some reason my computer is acting wacky and won't always let me access the site I am trying to get to. Shockingly enough... this was one of those sites... and I'll admit it... I was just too lazy to keep trying. So here comes a long post with all of my news. Luckily, I am pretty boring and there isn't much news to share!

Here are my Halloween cuties all dressed up. We went trick or treating with the cousins and Nannie and Pop in our neighborhood.

On 11-11-11 I celebrated 8 years of marriage with my wonderful husband... AND we were even able to get out of the house ALONE for our once a year dinner date. Okay, sometimes we get out TWICE a year... what can I say... we just don't have eager babysitters beating down our door trying to take care of our kids. We went to a little Italian restaurant and had a great time... it is so nice to enjoy a meal and a glass of wine and be able to talk WITH NO INTERRUPTIONS!!!!

The next day we celebrated Pop's 65th birthday at the Mexicali with the family. Two nights in a row of dinner out!!! Yippee!!!

Jack's 3 1/2 year birthday was on the 14th. Yes, we celebrate half birthdays here... any excuse to celebrate with cake, right? Well, this year Jack was super excited for it... and so was Hailey. She made him a cute birthday crown to wear with pictures of Thomas the Train (Jack is OBSESSED!). He requested a Thomas cake too. Since I am not a cake decorator, I just decorated the top with Thomas figures... he LOVED it!

We spent Thanksgiving with my family at my Mom and Dad's house. It was delicious, as always. We were so happy to get to spend the day with our family. We were especially thankful to see my uncle and cousins who came up from San Diego... we just don't see them often enough. The next day we woke up and began our tradional day after Thanksgiving decorating extravaganza!!!! Everything goes up that day... I like to be able to enjoy the season for as long as possible. That evening we went to Jason's parent's house for dinner to celebrate with his family. We really enjoyed a nice long weekend together playing games, and watching movies and being thankful for our many blessings! 

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