Monday, September 12, 2011

Gymnastics for the WILD man

In my last post, I spoke of taking Jack to gymnastics. He LOVES it! He goes once a week with his little friend Natalie and they are SO CUTE! We were worried that he would run around doing his own thing and not listen to the teacher, but he has done a great job!

Mama's sweet boy!

Being a good listener!

Floor time

Backward somersault... He gets his skills from me! HA! The little girl behind him likes him... a lot. She is always trying to sit next to him and he just pushes her away... its tough being a ladies man!

Waiting for his stamp and sticker

The coolest sticker EVER!!!! :)

I have enjoyed watching him grow and learn to listen to others. I hope he continues to do great job.

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  1. Hey Shelli,
    I never know if my replys's to your comments work or not because I get them from my phone and I try to reply that way> I just wanted to say thank you for thinking of us :) We are adjusting well and Brynley is a DOLL! Such a good, sweet baby. Ryder loves her and is doing well adjusting, showing typical toddler envy, but still getting lots of attention from us. It's amazing what kjust 2 hrs of sleep can do to a new momma haha!

    Thanks again,