Monday, September 19, 2011

Paige at 15 months

Our sweet little girl is 15 months!


You are a walking machine now. You didn't start walking until about 2 weeks ago, and now you can't be stopped. We think you are so cute when you toddle around.

You like to talk now... A LOT. You can say Mommy, Dada, Hailey, Jack, Nana, Pop, Hi, Bye, dog, duck, thank you, ball, baba, night-night, no, mine... (and more)

You love to suck your thumb... :)

You weigh about 22 lbs and wear 12- 18 month clothes

You are starting to be a picky eater. You used to eat EVERYTHING... but now you turn your head when I offer you food. Right now you will eat cereal, yogurt, grilled cheese sandwich bits, peas, nilla wafers, graham crackers, applesauce, bananas, refried beans, rice, raviolis, and sometimes squash and sweet potatoes. You love to have little samples of my food and have eaten lasagna and fish if I feed you off of my fork... but NOT if I put it on your tray.

You are sassy and sweet. Your sweet smile can charm anyone... but you sometimes make people work to see it! :) I guess you got some of mommy's attitude! haha

You love to play with your brother and sister... one of your favorite things is when they come into the room in the morning... you light up when you see them... it melts my heart!

Paige, you are such a precious baby and such a wonderful addition to our family. We all love you so much!

Happy 15 months!

P.S. Taking pictures of you is nearly impossible right now... you DO NOT like to pose... we will have to remedy this soon! :)

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