Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Being Trendy

After finally losing the last of seven years worth of baby weight... I realized I had not only been fat chubby for the past seven years,  I am OUT OF SHAPE!!! So..... I decided to try running. Jason is a runner, and seemingly everyone and their mother has been taking it up lately. I keep saying its trendy and I'm not going to do it, but who am I to buck the trend, so I decided to give it a shot. I mean, if everyone else can do it... why can't I. So I put on my shoes, and did a couple of stretches... all the while pumping myself up with a little "You can do it!" cheer. I quickly checked on the kids... Jack was putting together his Thomas puzzle, Hailey was watching something on T.V and Paige was in her playpen. Great... that should allow me about 20 minutes of "free" time. So I turn on Jason's treadmill and get going. I manage to get a half mile before I hear a commotion in the other room. So I hop off the treadmill, but leave it running, so that my time and progress doesn't get erased, run to the family room, solve the problem and head back to the treadmill. I start to step gingerly back on... but apparently I had forgotten how fast I had been going (I am , afterall, an overachiever...ha!). I get thrown off sideways and fall down on my shoulder... ON THE TREADMILL. As it just continues spinning away and burning the skin off of my shoulder and elbow, I roll myself off stunned. Seriously???? Who does this happen to? So now... instead of feeling accomplished by my impressive running skills... I feel like a freaking idiot who can't even run on a treadmill. So embarrassing!!! My shoulder is killing me too. Thankfully my husband felt sorry for me, and didn't make fun of me (too much) for being such a doofus! But he did make me promise that I wouldn't try running again until he was there to supervise! HA! I basically told him I am never getting on that death machine ever again!!! But this morning... with my shoulder only throbbing slightly I am ready to reconsider. After all... this girl is nothing if not trendy!!!!


  1. Hey Shelli,

    Thank you for stopping by my blog :) Glad that I helped with the canvas letters, you will have to post pictures if you end up getting them! You have such a cute family, and I am open to any SAHM advice I can get, as I soon begin my new career as a SAHM! (can't wait!) Sorry to hear about your treadmill mishap! I had a similar experience once when I was pregnant with my son, Ryder. I didn't realize someone had left it running and I went to get on and fell. Embarrassing!!


  2. That sounds EXACTLY like something that would happen to me!! I was trying to do some Just Dance on the Wii the other night and managed to really hurt my knee... So, you're not alone! I love your's so pretty!
    Hope you're having a great weekend!