Tuesday, August 9, 2011

June: Part 2

After Paige's birthday was over it was a huge relief... but the next day was Father's Day so we had to celebrate the great daddies in our lives. I got up early and braved going out WITH NO MAKE UP ON... (scary!) to go get Jason his newspaper, a Starbucks coffee and breakfast sandwich. He appreciates me so it was worth it! HA! Then the kids gave him his presents... unfortunately none of them included some quiet time to read!Oh well... Nannie had everyone over for a Father's Day lunch. Here are a few pictures of that.

I look a bit rough in these... I was TIRED!!!! :)

That evening we went to dinner with Jason's family to celebrate with his dad, brother and Grandpa Ray. It was a busy weekend!

At this point everyone was ready to go on vacation, but we still needed to get through Hailey's recital. This included many practices and a dress rehearsal. This year she only took a jazz class. It was just TOO hard for me to take her to more classes with the other two in tow. Jack doesn't do "sit and watch" very well unless it is Thomas the Train on a T.V. screen. :) This year she danced to RESPECT... she did GREAT! I was so proud of her and what a great performer she has become. Next year we are definitely taking more classes... how can I deprived the audience of seeing more of my little STAR!!! :)

Ahhh June... thank you for being over. I am tired just reliving you again.

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