Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Yo Ho, Yo Ho, Apartment Life's NOT for me!

I felt the need to write this post, not because I am ungrateful for having a place to live, but because I want to have a reminder to NOT do this again, should I ever get the bright idea to move into an apartment again while waiting to buy another house. Ha!

This apartment was my idea.  Not necessarily having to move into one, but when our old house was closing and we hadn't found a new house yet, I basically had the following options:

  1. live with my parents (yeah... they would've LOVED that one too! haha)
  2. live in my BIL/SIL's trailer (ummm... I'm not a camper really)
  3. live in an apartment
I OBVIOUSLY chose the only option that would work for an extended period of time. So with about 5 days left before moving day, I quickly found an available apartment and we took it. It is a two bedroom, ONE bathroom apartment in a good location. It is very close to my parents, which has proved to be fun, and has a beautiful lake and fountains all around so it is asthetically pleasing. I feel fortunate that we have a place to stay that is safe and clean....this is where the positives end!

All I can say is apartment living is very different when you have a full sized family than it is when you are single and in college. As I am writing this post, my head is reverberating, and my eyes are beginning to blur because there are men working on the patio with a jackhammer and a sledgehammer and seemingly every other kind of hammer designed for destruction. Mind you ... they just constructed the patio enclosement about 2 weeks ago... Why are they redoing it??? Beats the crap out of me, unless they are just trying to grate on my nerves. If this is the case, then they have succeeded!  Poor Paige is trying to take a nap, and I have no idea how, but she is still asleep. This construction has been going on for the past month... beginning around 6:30 am and not ending until around 6:00pm. It looked like they finished the other buildings in about half the time... apparently they are putting a little extra effort into our building... Gee Thanks! I would be happy if they half assed the job and moved on to the next building. Fingers crossed they finish this soon...

The next lovely aspect of apartment living is not knowing your neighbors. Sharing walls with randoms is not something I considered when moving to an apartment. I was hopeful that we would be next to some people who kept normal hours, and honestly was more worried about the noise that WE would make. When we moved in, I have to say that the surrounding people in our building were fairly quiet and respectful. The only ones we had some question about were the people above us. They were VERY quiet, until like three in the morning when they would start playing eerie music and start banging things around up there. It sounded like they were moving furniture. It also sounded like they had a small pony up there... as we could hear it galloping back and forth across the floor when they would return home. We later learned that apparently the ceiling is far from soundproof as the "pony" turned out to be tiny weinerdog. HA. Thankfully, they moved out at the beginning of July, so it had been very quiet and enjoyable for the past month. Then... about a week ago, we gained some new neighbors.

Now I'm not judging them based on looks, (okay maybe a little bit! ) but these people are not your average folks. The man looks like he could be one of Jack and Larry's buddies from Three's Company. Everytime I see him I wait for the theme song to start playing. Apparently he didn't get the message that it isn't 1973 any more. While I actually find this somewhat entertaining... the fact that they are CHAIN SMOKERS and continually pace back and forth to their balcony on the previously mentioned non soundproof floor 800 times a day... I DO NOT find entertaining. It goes something like this... CLOMP, CLOMP, CLOMP, CLOMP, Slide door open, SLAM. Reverse,  repeat approximately 799 more times. Enough already!  Also, I mustn't forget their beautifully decorated balcony... I should take a picture... it's pretty spectacular if you go for the gaudy and bizarre look. I especially love the odd tablecloth, and all of the knick knacks... I don't even know how they have enough room to stand out there. Oh well... they seem to enjoy it. Usually at around 11:00pm when the woman decides to go out and sit (and smoke of course) while she chats on the phone and cackles loudly. Ahhhh apartment life!

Our new house can't close soon enough for us!!!!


  1. Shelli,

    lol- this is so funny!

    My husband and I live in a townhome currently, and never thought we would have stayed here this long (since '06), but as life and God planned, after being married a year, we had a baby, the market tanked, and have now found ourselves still living here with another babe on the way. It's 1900 sq feet, so it's a larger townhome, but trust me when I say it has it's moments when we HATE living here and long for a big home with a big yard.

    We pray and are trying to get on the right track to selling this home and moving, but as we get ready to welcome our newborn next month, I don't think moving this year is the right decision right now. At one point my husband suggested we move to an apartment to save $$, while we waited to move to a house, but I am not so sure I want to do that either.

    At least now we have some space from our neighbors! I love your blog and pray that the time goes fast before you move to your new house :)