Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School

The lazy days of summer are over! BOO!!! Today, my sweet Hailey entered the first grade. First grade is SO different from Kindergarten. It means lunch at school, longer days, more interaction with the "older kids", bathrooms down the hall rather than in the room. All of these things make me nervous... then they make her nervous... which makes me even more nervous! However she was very excited to be a big first grader and start back to school. I am not! I can't help it... I like all of my babies home with mama. Truly, I did not think I would be so sad about it. I was more concerned with the fact that we needed to be at school by 7:45am...Yikes!  This is the same time we are usually rising around here... like I said... they have been lazy days indeed!

This morning began at 5:15am!!! Yes, you read that correctly... 5:15!!! Apparently there was an air of excitement in the house as Hailey came dashing into the bedroom asking if it was time to get ready and then Paige woke up too. Any previous thoughts I had about being able to get ready in peace were soon dashed... Paige was NOT having it this morning. Thankfully, Jack decided to stay asleep... LOVE him! Miraculously, by the time my dad came over to sit with the younger two, we were ready to head out. I still wasn't thinking sad thoughts... just getting excited for her as she was so obviously excited!

Once I got her in her classroom, the big lump in my throat came. I gulped it away and started chattering about something else... and it came back again... and again. I knew that I could not cry in front of her... and I didn't. But once the teacher told them to say goodbye to their parents and she ran across the room to grab me for a hug one last time... I was done. I made it outside before the ugly cry face came and I bailed out of there and made a beeline to my car... which was, of course, about a mile away because the place was a zoo!!! At least I got some exercise... nothing like a power walk in heels!!!

So here I sit... anxiously awaiting pick up time. Jack has asked to go pick her up no less than 15 times already and we still have 3 hours to go. I am wondering how lunch is going. If she found the special Hugs and Kisses and note that I tucked into her lunch bag. If she found the bathroom when she needed it. Is she playing with her friends? I thought about going to school and spying... (yes, I do that... one day I'll share my preschool stalker story... I am THAT mom!)!!! Haha! I know that with each day that passes it will get easier. I am praying that she had a wonderful day and comes home with a smile, excited to go back tomorrow. But for today... this mama is sad. I'm missing my little sidekick snuggling in the chair next to me in the morning, and sitting across from me at lunch. At least the weekend is only a few days away. :)

This little poem I saw on FB... it makes me cry ( surprise, surprise) but it is so true! :)

I don't want to kiss you goodnight,
so I'll just keep holding you tight!
Because I know, you'll change and you'll grow...
You'll get bigger with each morning light.

I know that the sky is full of stars,
and dreams will call your name from afar...
I'm anxious to see all you're going to be,
but I'm sure gonna miss who you are!

But I'll keep you right here, in my heart,
and I'll memorize each little part.
One day you will grow, and I'll miss you so,
But I'll keep you right here, in my heart.

Each tooth that you'll gain or lose...
Each time you'll need bigger shoes...
Each step that you take, will be further away,
but to stop you is not what I choose.

These fingers that curl around my hand,
must do things that no other can.
I know you're not mine, but God's own design,
and I want you to follow His plan.

But I'll keep you right here, in my heart...
And I'll memorize each little part!
Because one day you'll grow, and I'll miss you so...
But I'll keep you right here, in my heart!

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  1. Aww I love that poem! It makes me realize just how quickly my time with Ryder and his toddler years will too pass, and he will be in first grade before I know it. Looks like she had a fun first day :)