Thursday, August 4, 2011


So the first of May brought about a few changes for our family. The first change being my job... or rather my lack of job. :) I quit working for CAVA at the end of April... it was just TOO much. After Paige joined the family, I just couldn't devote the required amount of time to work anymore. I enjoyed working from home so much that it was such a difficult decision to make, but when they needed me to travel out of town several days a week for state testing that was the final straw. With no one to watch the kiddos... I had to quit. So now I am happily unemployed! Well... I guess I should say I'm without a PAYING job! Mom to three is still a big job in my book!

May also brought Mother's Day and several birthdays in our family. We went to El Portal for brunch as usual to celebrate Mom's day with the family. Jack's 3rd Birthday was on the 14th. We celebrated at My Gym, because it is just a fun place for him and his friends to play. He wanted a "Super Why?" party and even dressed up in the Super Why costume that Nannie and Pop bought him for his birthday. He had a great time! I can't believe this little guy is 3! He is such an awesome kid. Here are a few party pics:

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