Friday, August 12, 2011

July: Part 2

Almost done with my catch up posts... then I can start something different. Yay! A week after our vacation, Hailey and I were sick... NOT. FUN! I don't know what the heck I had, but body aches, chills and a cough were the main symptoms. Hailey felt fine ... but had a cough that kept getting worse,... until it turned into pneumomia. YUCK! We missed celebrating Mimi's 80th birthday with everyone, which we were very sad about. Luckily, we were mostly recovered by Hailey's 7th birthday. This year, was the first year that we were able to include school friends which was a VERY big deal! :) We decided to have her party at an adorable children's boutique in town called Spoiled Rotten. She wanted a Rock Star party there and she was SOOOO excited. Apparently, this was the "BEST.PARTY.EVER"!!! She had a great time singing, dancing and acting crazy with all of her friends. She also received a BFF bracelet and ring from her friend Lauren and that, pretty much, made her whole year. :) Here are some pics from her party... Oh, and don't miss the pics of Jack (he reminded me of Steven Tyler here... he gets his style from his dad!!! haha).

Happy Birthday, Hailey... 7 years has gone by WAY too quickly!!!

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