Friday, August 5, 2011


Okay... on to June. It was a BUSY month for us. The first thing on the agenda was packing up our house. *sniff* It was a sad project... I didn't realize how much I loved that house... until it was time to leave it. While packing is NOT fun in and of itself... packing when you have NO IDEA WHERE YOU ARE GOING is REALLY bad. We had planned on renting a friend's house while we were looking for a house (there was really nothing good on the market at that time)... but their house had not closed yet so that didn't work out. SOOOO with the buyers move in date approaching, we had to rent an apartment at the last minute. ACK! Five people in a two bedroom ONE BATHROOM apartment for the summer... I thought... okay, great... this should be interesting. (And it has proven to be... trust me! ):) So, we moved most of our things into storage and the bare minimum into this apartment for the summer. (Side note... we finally found a house in July and we are waiting for escrow to close at the beginning of September... Praise the Lord!!!!) We are more than ready to get out of this apartment... but I think it has been a good learning experience for our family. It has taught us to be thankful for a home and not take our blessings for granted... I hope we all remember that too!

So, back to June, we moved into this apartment at the beginning of June which is always a very busy time. Hailey finished Kindergarten, which was very sad for her. She loved her teacher, loved school, loved her friends and was not at all happy that this chapter was over. They had a party the day before the last day of school at the park, and then they had a fun day on the last day with bounce houses and slides and treats. Fun Day... you know... a day for kids to have fun. Not Hailey... she cried because she was so sad that it was all over. Heartbreaking! Jack had a fun time though... HA!

In the midst of all of this chaos... little Paigie's first birthday was quickly approaching. I had to do something to celebrate such a milestone... so Nannie and Pop let us have a "berry fun" party at their house.:) It turned out great... and our sweet little strawberry was so cute.

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